Week 7: Quenching Experiments

During this last week of research funded by the Charles Center, I have been attempting to hone my accuracy regarding the aforementioned quenching experiments.  During the first part of the week, I performed triethylamine additions to a fluorescein solution in order to replicate the baseline experiment done in a previous paper.  I succeeded; I created a Stern-Volmer plot from the fluorimeter’s data, which plots relative intensity versus catalyst (or, in this case, triethylamine) concentration times a constant.  This plot had the same quenching constant, the slope of the linear fit of the data points, as found by previous lab mates.  Later in the week, I have been trying to master catalyst additions, which have proven to be more difficult. The quenching constant can give us insight into the quenching pathway of the system, which is why I will keep working to verify the findings by other lab mates.  This will give us insight into the physical properties of the system.  While I am finished with my Charles Center research, I am continuing to work on these quenching experiments and other aspects to my initial project over the next three weeks.  Other than quenching, I set up more crystallizations for Monday, hoping to grow some illusive crystals that have been difficult to grow all summer.