Effects of Methyl-mercury on spatial-memory in Zebra Finches: Summary of first two weeks

The subject of my summer research has changed a bit since I originally posted my abstract at the end of the spring semester. I still am studying the effects that methyl mercury has on the cognitive abilities of zebra finches, but the main cognitive process I am studying is spatial memory. Spatial memory is especially important for avian species, since many food-storing and migratory birds rely on it in order to retrieve caches of food they have stored or to remember the location of where they migrate. Since the subject of my research changed a bit, I spent the first week or so of my summer research conducting a lot of primary literature search, trying to better understand the science behind what I was studying, and also to determine why what I was researching was important to study. This really helped set the framework for how I wanted to approach my research, and gave me a better understanding of the mechanisms at work.

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