MidSummer Data Presentation

Well the summer is almost over and today is the day that my research partner and I give data presentations. This will not only help us in determining what each of us has done so far but it will also help begin the rigorous process of data analysis that will culminate with my senior research theses this coming spring. We will also propose what else needs to be done during the school year to really test and pick apart our hypothesis that the Montebello Region of the Blue Ridge is currently in a state of transience.

My presentation consists of three main parts. The first is my data on channel hypsometry. I have graphed all the hypsometry’s of tributary channels with knickpoints and overlaid a plot of slope versus elevation. The main relationship which was found was that for values of elevation, slope and area are inversely related. As slope increases over a range of elevations, area decreases. While this is not an “ultimate law” of our hypsometry’s it shows up in almost all of the plots at the big picture scale. Minor changes are not as noticeable at 10-100m elevation changes but over a 100m-1000m change there is the clear inverse relationship between slope and area.

The other part of my presentation is my progress on creating swath profile maps of perpendicular swaths across the high topography. I made a pretty involved model which I think represents the elevation of the mountain range accurately. I am interested to get feedback from my advisor and partner on whether this method worked and what the plots that I created might indicate. After some cursory analysis I can not see any major trends of summit concordance (the idea that this area was once at a relatively consistent topographic area that was incised by rivers over time).

Finally, I will propose some alternative methods to continue my research into the school year. I’ll save those for my next blog post.


  1. Hi Nathaniel. Sounds like a lot of GIS work and graphing! What did you use the make the model that you mention? Arc or another program?

    Did you get a chance to go to the field/will you be going to the field this fall? What will your field work involve?