Database Update and Concluding Thoughts

The work on the database of burial sites in Eastern Africa is progressing smoothly, but a project of this size will require constant attention.  I will attend to it for the next few months until I am sure that it represents a sizable portion of the many grave sites in that region of Africa.

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Mixing It Up

The past weeks of research have been packed with activity. In order to best tailor our experiments to historic paint applications, I began the summer by making green paints according to traditional techniques. In agreement with research from Shelley Svoboda, the paintings conservator at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, we chose to combine of the blue dyes azurite, Prussian blue, and indigo with the yellow dyes gamboge, stil de grain, and reseda lake to make optical greens. The paint making process starts by making small mounds of dye on a roughed glass plate. Drops of linseed oil are added to make a paste. Once satisfied with the color, we added enough oil to create a spreadable consistency. Then a large glass pestle was used to grind together the grains of dye and the oil to create a homogeneous mixture. Grinding each of the nine mixtures for 15 minutes each was definitely an arm work out! It was worth it though: the paints came out gorgeously.

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Woody Internship at the Getty: Week 7


This week was pretty light in terms of events at the museum itself, but it made up for that in events outside the museum. Allow me to explain:

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