The Community and DTRA

To try to understand how to code DTRA an to make sure I was doing it correctly, Diya Uthappa and I both coded a transcription where a small group of community members was discussing the resources allocation that took place this summer. As a refresher:

D stands for Domain which is coded when someone refers to the community or some other subset of it as a unit, while D’ is used when a potential domain has been referenced

T stands for Tasks and this is used when a divisions of labor is discussed to complete a goal that the community has agreed on, while T’ would be the planning of a task

R stands for resources which is used when people discuss a resources they have available to them, while R’ would be coded when a member discusses a potential resource

Lastly, A stands for activities which occur when there are group actions within the community, for instance an event, while A’ stands for a potential activity.

Each of us coded this transcription, but when we met together we had each coded very different things and also basically every word spoken, as the meeting was called to discuss resource allocation. Confused and discouraged, we re-coded the transcription together but got very similar results.

We then revisited the coding methodology separately but we couldn’t figure out how or why we were using it incorrectly. We then decided to code it once more separately but justify every instance with a quite from the methodology so that we couldn’t code anything that didn’t somehow make sense. This yielded much better results, as we ended up with a more similar transcription, although there were still some key differences.

We sent all of our coding to Professor Aday and are hoping he will get back to us soon with feedback about how he envisions this coding and whether we are doing it correctly.