Robert Boyd: Fifth Post (Summary)

In total, I created three videos to promote the work at the Williamsburg Park Research lab.

A short video that briefly describes what the Park Rx program is and how it works.


Skit showing how a doctor may prescribe a park prescription to a patient.


A comedic pharmaceutical(ish) commercial promoting the park prescription program.


In addition, I created three short videos promoting the wildlife around the William and Mary campus, and posted them to youtube, as well as to a popular facebook page on the William and Mary Website where students post the latest news around campus. My goal in doing this was to create a greater appreciation for the outdoors on campus, hopefully making students more receptive to the potential benefits of the Park Prescription program.

First Video:


Second Video:



Third Video:


  1. ermclenigan says:

    This is such a great project! Well done with the videos. Williamsburg is a beautiful area with tons of great green spaces that should be taken advantage of. It’s important to recognize the positive impact nature can have on our health and well being. I was living in a megacity over the summer (Manila) where parks were few and far between, and I definitely noticed a negative effect on my well-being.