My Research Endeavors: June 1-15

Last week I began crafting a tentative schedule regarding my summer research project. This week I have dispersed my research flyer via social media outlets like Facebook.  I have created a Facebook page that will be updated with pertinent information regarding my research and its findings. Below is my research blurb that will be used to continue to recruit participants.

Hello all,

My name is Keaun Barrett and I am conducting research regarding the African American Male experience with racism, both overt and covert, on the campus of William & Mary. If you identify as an African American Male at William and Mary and would like to participate in my study, please contact me by email at I would immensely appreciate your aid in sharing the untold stories of many African American Males at William & Mary. Participants will be compensated $10 for their active participation in the study. I have attached a flyer and created a Facebook page. Please spread the word!

I have also been reading Speaking of Race and Class, which is a text that details the personal anecdotes of college students at Amherst University and their experience with race and class. I took a particular interest in the race related stories that detailed the in-depth interactions with perceived racism on an elite college campus. This is extremely helpful as I begin interviewing participants and piece together media material that will educate faculty and students.

Marc is a black male student at Amherst University, and his experiences as a black male at an elite college was enlightening. He too had instances in classes where he was supposed to speak for the entire African American race on topics of racial significance. His peers signaled him out as being unqualified to attend the school because of affirmative action. Marc recalled being paired with a black recruit by his soccer coach because they would apparently understand each other better. He faced ridicule from his black peers that hanging around the white crowd had changed him in some weird way. All of these challenges that Marc faced mirror some of my own and I am confident we are not the only black males with these issues or concerns. It is a goal in my research to uncover these truths and craft a representative story.

I will continue to contact those that fit my research participant criteria and continue drawing insight from the text described above.

-Keaun Barrett


  1. alexanderwilliams says:

    This sounds like some very relevant research. I am curious – have you read the book “Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria: And Other Conversations About Race” by Beverly Tatum? I read this book recently and it brought to light many of my personal biases about subjects like affirmative action. Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. rjdirisio says:

    Hello! I find your research to be quite interesting. I was wondering what types of questions you would be feeding out to the William and Mary community. Will it be similar in tone to the enlightening pieces collected from Marc at Amherst? Will you look into the intersectionality of people’s experiences and their affiliation with the Center for Student Diversity? And, finally, it is fascinating to see how people experience race relations on campus, but do their experiences differ when they go home for breaks? Thank you for your time!

    Ryan DiRisio