And it begins.

This is most likely my last summer doing research at the College, which is incredibly strange.  So much of my experience at William and Mary has been defined by my research experience, so knowing that in a few weeks my summers of work here will be at an end is really saddening.  As a senior, everyone that I joined my lab with has graduated.  Lab work is colored as much by the people you do it with as the work you produce.  Being here without my old buddies is, yet again, strange.  This is my last summer, and it is very different from all before.


At this point, I know what I’m doing better than ever before.  Machines that once terrified me entirely now only concern me greatly.  I have more confidence in my interpretations of results and my ability to design an experiment than ever before, as well.


This summer I will be finishing a project that I’ve essentially been working on since the summer following my freshman year.  This is an exciting prospect, but also one that worries me.  Being done with my data collection finally will be a relief, but there is always a possibility that the data I collect will fail to show the results I not-so-secretly hope to find.


Research is frustrating because no matter how hard you work and how dedicated you are, there is always a distinct possibility that your research will not yield exciting data.


  1. Nathaniel says:

    Good luck!