And so it begins….

I am excited to begin my research this summer on how Graduate Schools of Education can help recruit, retain, and support teachers of color. Very similar to last summer’s approach, I will be conducting my research while I am involved in an internship that is in the field of my research. I am working as a 9th Grade Math Teacher through the Breakthrough Collaborative Program, and I look forward to learning what its like to not only be a teacher, but how the organization recruits diverse candidates for its summer teaching roles.

I have attached a two-week schedule of my summer. I will update it and send you a revised schedule once I get the exact times I will be working from my supervisor. Right now I am going to be focusing my mornings on my internship and my afternoons on my research project, in order to devote my time to both endeavors. I am also in the process of advertising my interviews and scheduling them, so that the time works best for my interview candidates. I have left a large block of time on Saturdays open as a possible interview time, especially for my interview candidates who are not in Williamsburg and will require me to travel to interview them.

I am looking forward to continuing my research on this topic and really getting a hands-on experience in the world of education. All of the work that I will do this summer will prepare me for the end of the Summer meeting with Dean Niles of the William and Mary School of Education to discuss the framework of the program I designed to recruit, retain, and support teachers of color and its possible implementation at the William and Mary School of Education.

Overall I am excited for my research project to begin. Even though I did not plan to have the opportunity to work at Breakthrough this summer while I conduct research, I believe that this internship will prove extremely beneficial to my personal development, as well as the development of my research. Now it is time to hit the ground running and figure out how to close the diversity gap seen in today’s American Teacher Workforce.