Expansion of WMSURE into the WM School of Education

In order to effectively integrate WMSURE into the WM School of Education so that the focus can be on recruiting and retaining WMSURE eligible students, we must first work on making WMSURE students aware about the opportunities at the School of Education before they even step foot on campus. I remember being matched up with a WMSURE pre-major advisor based on what I thought my major would be. I think it would be beneficial to send out a survey to WMSURE students who are committed to attending William and Mary. On this survey, we could ask questions about any sort of pre-professional advising the student may want. This would be a great way to serve as a pathway for students to be involved with in the School of Education and possibly pursue careers in the Education field. As students begin to start their first semester of classes and become acclimated to the William and Mary environment, I think it would be important to continue to involve students into the School of Education, whether that be through a class at the School of Education or a WMSURE event.

As for WMSURE programming, I think it is important to let students be involved when it comes to the day where we discuss Graduate School. This involvement could possibly be an info session at the School of Education and other Graduate Schools, or it could simply be a member from the admission staff coming to speak at a WMSURE event. I believe this will make it more real for students who are looking to pursue careers that require graduate school. It is one thing to discuss Graduate School and what it takes to get into Graduate School, but once students get to experience the school and speak with members of the admissions staff, students really get to picture themselves moving to the next step of their educational careers.

The program that I hope to create at the William and Mary School of Education is devoted to recruiting and retaining teachers of color and the population that I am looking to attract is a part of the WMSURE community. By working to expand WMSURE into the School of Education through pre-professional advisors and through exposure to the WM School of Education, students will not only have a better sense of what opportunities the School of Education has to offer, they will also get to see if a career in education is right for them. There can never be too much exposure to the opportunities that graduate school has to offer.