Finding Participants

So When I arrived in Trinidad. I asked my Aunt to help me find Participants at the University of West Indies. since she went to that school. I talked to her about some of the tools and resources that I could use to help me find students. She recommended that it would be best just for me to walk up to students around campus and introduce myself and ask them to interview them. At first I was planning on working on the literature review but my aunt informed that the students at the University will be leaving campus soon because the school  year was ending. So she took me down to the university to talk to some students.

At first it was so nerve wrecking to walk up to students that I did not know in a different country. I was so nervous because since I have never been to Trinidad I was not aware of their customs and I did not want to accidentally offend anyone by what I spoke. I actually ended up doing what I hoped not to do. I introduced my topic of study as studying the  effects of colorism on Black female college students because that is the topic that I started to study in America so I used the same terminology. However, in Trinidad one of the girls I spoke to, corrected me and said that we do not call people of African-descent Black here but instead Afro-Trinidadian because black in Trinidad means something different in Trinidad then in America. In Trinidad, black is only used in describing people of darker to darkest skin tone where in America it is described as people who are of African-descent.

After two days of walking around the campus I talked to 18 Afro-Trinidadians about potentially interviewing for my research project and they a lll were nice enough to stop and agree. So I emailed all of them and exactly 10 of them responded back and I began to schedule them. I was a little nervous to interview the students because I have had a lot of practice with research but not with completing interviews. Therefore I did a practice one with my friend and my mother to make sure that the equipment was working and I knew how to properly navigate the interview.