Finishing Interviews

After I completed my last 5 interviews, I had a totally of 10 which was my goal for my time in Trinidad because I was hoping to get somewhere between 10 to 15 interviews. I thought the interviews were very helpful in gaining insight into the problem of colorism because I was able to understand it through someone else’s perspective and ask questions. Since the people that I asked all different and did not know each other I was able to get all sorts of answers. One thing I wish I had done differently was to investigate what were the times that the school was open and closed so I would have been able have done my literature review before I came to Trinidad because I felt ready to discuss colorism and hold a conversation with them. However, I did not feel knowledgable about the topic in the context of the Caribbean because I did not have enough time to prepare for my interviews so I had to do it in reverse.¬†Overall I thought the interviews went very smoothly.

Over the course of my time in Trinidad I was able to reach out to some of the Professors at the University of West Indies. They gave me some readings on Trinidadian history and some reading of colorism. Before I left for Trinidad I did an annotated Bibliography. When I began it, I was having trouble finding material of colorism in Trinidad so I called and asked my mother she said that in Trinidad colorism is a topic that is not as discussed as other topics. But I was able to find it in other countries in the Carribbean.