When Things Get Tough….


Week two of summer teaching is complete! This week has been a rather trying week and I had a few moments where I was wondering whether or not teaching was right for me.  My low point this week came at the hands of one of my most difficult students getting upset and cursing at me at the end of my class.  This altercation resulted in a conference with my Program Directors and the student. I broke into tears because I truly care for all of my students and I give each of them the upmost respect, and to be disrespected like this really hurt. But throughout it all, I continued to push myself and remain positive. My career in education is not shaped by one negative experience I had in the classroom. It is shaped by the positive effect I have on all of my students. This is the outlook that I will continue have throughout the next few weeks whenever there are times where things aren’t going as planned.

This week has been a great week for my research project. I have been in contact with a few more students interested in participating in research interviews. One interview that I had planned for this past weekend was rescheduled to next weekend due to poor Internet connectivity from my participant. Overall, I am very excited with the progress made thus far, and I look forward to finally having my first interview soon.

I have been evaluating the Breakthrough Collaborative Teacher Training Model, and I have been looking to see how some of the aspects of this model can be used in the training model for teachers Urban Teaching Fellowship at the WM School of Education. Before teaching, my fellow teachers and I were a part of a one-week training program designed to get us all acclimated and comfortable with teaching students on our own. Training sessions lasted from 9am until 4pm everyday and were comprised of workshops, lectures, and curriculum planning with the specific department chair. I think this model could be implemented during the summer before the teachers began their first semester at the WM School of Education. By doing it during the summer, we could spread out the amount of training each student receives so that they are not overwhelmed in the first week. With a training program like this, the prospective teachers will be able to get to know their fellow classmates and faculty and ultimately become acclimated to the requirements of the Urban Teaching Fellowship at the WM School of Education.

This upcoming week will be filled exciting new challenges for me and I look forward to continuing to remain positive and push myself to the limits to ensure that my students are receiving the greatest possible education experience they can this summer.



  1. sarahfredrick says:

    I feel that I can really relate to your experiences in this week. During my research I also had several moments where I felt like breaking down (and I’ll admit, I did let myself have one good cry session) and doubted whether I was a good fit for my field. But I think those moments are the ones that help us to learn and to re-focus, and we can use them, like you said, as motivation to push ourselves and remain positive.