You gotta have friends.

The viral concentrates have been made.  They are ready to be run in RAPD.  This is exciting.  I called my mom when I finished my last sample and expressed a similar enthusiasm to a father whose baby has just been born.

She tried, but did not accurately mirror my energy.

This brings me to another unfortunate reality of research.

Inevitably, through no fault of their own, loved ones and friends will not care about your research quite as much as you do.  This is, in fact, a massive bummer.

But this brings me back to the importance of the lab group dynamic.  No one understands how much your work means to you like the people who work at your side every day.  They struggle alongside you and are witness to your struggle in a way no others are.  When you break something, they know how you feel.  When you fix something, they know how you feel.  When you finally finish something, they know how you feel.


Never disregard the connection you have with your labmates.  They are your first scientific community and your first scientific support system.  Why compete with them when you can instead encourage each other to new levels of awesome?