Done in Andahuaylas, Off to Lima!

After I finished my work with the kids, I also finished with the adults. The last two classes went pretty smoothly with them. There were a lot of questions and a lot of new ideas, but I think they were generally receptive.

We conducted the post survey in the same fashion as the pre survey–read orally to the group by my translator, Sarah, and written down by each participant on their own paper–as to stay consistent. I don’t think that this was the best method overall, but I think I made the best decision possible given the resources and time I had.

Unfortunately, the class ended with only six participants. We started with 11, which was better than expected. Then we got down to eight the second night. And finally a measly six the last night. This was a little disappointing because now I can only know the results of those six. I wish there had been a way to survey all eleven who came to the class at any point to see if there was some improvement in just one or two class periods. It wasn’t possible to do those surveys now given my short stay. But perhaps if I, or someone else, were to do this again they could keep that idea in mind. You could also try to graph improvement that way and get more information overall.

The last weekend I was there I got to do some exploring and have some fun with the family, which was awesome! The highlight of the trip was going to Sondor, which is an Incan/Chankan ruins site in the mountains. It was astonishing! Simply breath taking. It seemed unreal. BUT even better than the views on top of the mountain, were the views riding down the mountain on the back of a motorcycle!!! It was the most daring thing I have ever done. And it was AWESOME! I’m sure if my mother were there she would have had a heart attack. But it was still so worth it. (I peaked at the speedometer going down the mountain and it said 98… So I also almost had a heart attack… Until I realized that was 98 KILOMETERS per hour. Which is only about 60 mph, and that isn’t quite as crazy.)

I have had a really great time living in Andahuaylas. Only another day and then it’s time for me to go off to Lima for a few days! Sarah has hooked me up with another missionary family they know who I can stay with. They are going to tour me around and house me for free! Can’t beat that!

At Sondor