Starting to wrap up

Written 5/22/15

Today I finished my kids’ classes with a review and a practical quiz. All the kids did surprisingly well! I was very please that they remembered things we covered at the beginning of last week. Some of them even remembered facts and tidbits we barely touched on. One girl in particular remembered every number we mentioned precisely. It was impressive for anyone in a first aid class, but especially for a first grader!

I was a little frustrated with the structure of the school again today. Because of missing teachers and a disappearing Isaiah (who acts as my translator and also roams the streets of Andahuaylas) we basically left two classes without proper instruction or an instructor before Sarah finally decided to combine classes for the remaining 40 minutes of class. So instead of two first grade classes and one second and third grade class, I taught one first grade class and one first, second, and third grade class combined. I suppose it worked out, since their classes are pretty small anyway, but it was not ideal. The kids were more distracted than normal. If things were slightly more organized and people were slightly more accountable a lot of stress could’ve been avoided.