That’s a Wrap!

It seems like June 1st, the first day of research, was two days ago, not two months. It sometimes feels like I’ve just gotten started, but when I look back through the 100 notebook pages I’ve filled this summer, the spectra, penned notes and messy scribbles argue otherwise. Now looking towards the next year of research, I’m really excited to continue working towards analysis of samples from historically significant paintings. We have some samples stowed away in drawers that I’ll sort through looking for anything described as “blue leaf” or “faded green”. Additionally, it will be fruitful to ask the paintings conservator at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation if she has any samples of interest. The biggest adjustment coming into the next year will be having so many things that I want to do and so little time. With a usual course load, it won’t be possible to spend 8 hours a day on the microscope scanning through samples.  Another challenge will be presenting everything done over the summer in a digestible and concise manner. I sometimes get mired down in details and forget the big picture questions. Talking to other members of the group and explaining the basic “Why?” questions of the project has been really helpful. Blogging throughout the summer has also helped! Writing things down and explaining them to the larger audience really reminds me of the intriguing cross over between art and science that initially drew me in. I can’t wait to finish off my college career with a strong year of research.

That’s all for now!