The end, for now

I have been working steadily over the summer to translate, score, and analyze my results for the project. I have also met with Professor Aday a few times to discuss the work and its implications. Overall, we have decided that this work should continue and I am going to pursue a few conferences and publishing the final paper. Which is very exciting! I certainly didn’t think that was possible, but I am glad we have been able to get the project so far so soon!

I am not done analyzing the results, but I am generally seeing trends towards what we expected and hoped for. Participants left the class knowing more about first aid and CPR and feeling more confident…. Now the big question is whether or not it is statistically significant. I think stats can help us decide how relevant this paper may be for a journal, but regardless of how the results turn out I am confident that this study helped at least some of the participants in some way.

Even if absolutely nothing I said got through to them, I was able to use some of my funding to leave them with first aid supplies and multiple first aid and CPR handbooks in Spanish. Resources are scarce in Andahuaylas, especially good information, so I am happy that they at least have the ability to continue their education if they would like.

As my paper continues on its journey to publication I will continue to update this blog and share more detailed results as they come.

Thank you for following my journey thus far.



  1. Aaron Bayles says:

    It seems pretty clear to me that you had a lasting impact, and provided them with some really great resources and knowledge. I’m certain that the eventual analysis will confirm that. In this kind of research, sometimes it’s difficult to combine the empirical data with the actual observations, and even if it’s not perfect, you definitely helped them, and got to have a cool adventure at the same time!