Update #1: Development of a Novel Grignard Reaction Lab

Hi all,

Abstract: http://ccsummerresearch.blogs.wm.edu/author/mssmith01/

During the past week and a half, I have tested out two new grignard reagents. The first one was benzyl bromide. Because of its high reactivity, the benzene derivative was very quick to react with the magnesium. On the flip side, it was also very quick to react with itself, creating a lot of byproduct. Although I expected this it affects the procedure of the lab because the newly formed product must be used quickly. The longer it is left to reflux, the more byproduct there will be. One solution has been very low heat when refluxing. Another possible way to get around this is to use benzyl chloride. Benzyl chloride will still react with the magnesium but it will most likely be slower because it is less reactive compared to benzyl bromide. Although I have yet to try all the ketones with benzyl bromide, so far it’s promising.

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