Pursuing the Monarchs update

Hello all, 

A little update on my documentary as we are approaching the end of June; I have made a lot of progress thus far. Last week, I got in contact with a talented director of photography who seems to be willing to help and hop on the team. His name is Ryan Carmody and I am adding the link to his website if anyone is interested in knowing a bit more about his work: http://www.ryancarmody.net/. In addition to Ryan, I have also contacted Joel Salatin, a renowned farmer, who makes an appearance in the famous documentary “Food Inc.” Joel has been extremely insightful on sustainable farming matters and has agreed to feature in my film to discuss the future of GMOs. I will be interviewing him this fall! I have started working with a young composer on the score and plan to hold a Skype session with him shortly in order to go over some details.

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Accra: Where Innovation and Tradition Meet

I am thoroughly enjoying my first few weeks here in Accra, Ghana! Besides everything being coated in a thin layer of red- orange dust, the first thing that I noticed about Accra was the smell. The smoke from cooking fires, burning insecticide, and exhaust is striking- not at all unpleasant, but unlike anywhere I have ever been. I’m greeted by this new smell every morning as I walk across the campus at the University of Ghana, Legon. Women sing as they slice fresh watermelon, pineapple, and mango at the market stands that litter campus, taxi’s honk politely to make their presence known, and in the distance you can hear the sound of the main highway that will take you into the center of the city of Accra. I take the dusty orange paths past tall palm trees that tower over the white-washed buildings with terra-cotta roofs.

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