Pursuing the Monarchs update

Hello all, 

A little update on my documentary as we are approaching the end of June; I have made a lot of progress thus far. Last week, I got in contact with a talented director of photography who seems to be willing to help and hop on the team. His name is Ryan Carmody and I am adding the link to his website if anyone is interested in knowing a bit more about his work: http://www.ryancarmody.net/. In addition to Ryan, I have also contacted Joel Salatin, a renowned farmer, who makes an appearance in the famous documentary “Food Inc.” Joel has been extremely insightful on sustainable farming matters and has agreed to feature in my film to discuss the future of GMOs. I will be interviewing him this fall! I have started working with a young composer on the score and plan to hold a Skype session with him shortly in order to go over some details.

I am also toying with the idea of changing the title of this documentary from “Pursuing the Monarchs” to “Chasing the Monarchs”. I would love for anyone to comment their preference as I am having some trouble making up my mind (different ideas are also encouraged!)

I hope everyone’s project is going well, and I look forward to reading everyone’s progress.

Anna Chahuneau, Director of “Pursuing the Monarchs”.


  1. ocwhite96 says:

    Glad to hear you were able to find such a talent to add to your team! Congratulations, and I cannot wait to hear more about their work and their influence on your project. How exciting!! “Chasing the Monarchs” rolls off the tongue a bit easier than “Pursuing the Monarchs,” in my own opinion — but, I am conflicted, since “pursuing” reads more elegant and artistic. Another idea: “In Pursuit of Monarchs”? Hope that helps!!

  2. Great work Anna! I am glad to hear that your project is going well. I will cast my vote for “Pursuing the Monarchs” and I look forward to your next update.

  3. megandavis says:

    Hi Anna!

    This is really cool. I think documentaries are an incredible way to spark social awareness. You really demonstrate the spectrum that research funding provides us students. I loved Food Inc: what other ways do sustainable farming practices effect the monarchs?

    I like the idea of ‘Pursuing Monarchs’ – it sounds more of a passionate endeavor.

    Again, great work, and I am looking forward to seeing how this plays off.