Settling in to Dakar

I have settled into my beautiful Dakarois apartment from which I walk to work at the U.S. Embassy each day. The embassy is located next to “Point des Almadies,” which is the westernmost point on the continent of Africa. The Mission is very friendly, and since being introduced at a town hall meeting, I am now a familiar face around the office. Progress on my scope of work is coming along, with the end goal of producing three datasets by the end of the summer. I am looking forward to geocoding the Mission’s activities because this is most attuned to my skill set. Until then, I am building a dataset of indicators that will hopefully make it easier for partners and offices to report targets and results in a consolidated and transparent way.

Dakar is an excellent place to be. Senegalese pride themselves on their tolerance and open mindedness – a characteristic I have observed often in my time here. Living in this cosmopolitan capital removes one somewhat from the poverty that is apparent as I sift through the Mission’s health data.


  1. semartin says:

    Can’t wait to hear more about your trip- I’m glad that you are having a great summer so far in Dakar, Catie!

  2. tazevanove says:

    Wow – so exciting to take part in the Mission’s meaningful and exciting work. Creating solutions for data warehousing is so important for analyzing big data and inform projects programming.