Final Days


My time in Jerusalem has come to a close. The sunset pictured above was from my last night in Israel. It was taken just south-west of Jerusalem at Yad Kennedy. From the picture, one is able to understand the mountainous terrain of the region. As my time came to a close, I covered as much as I could of the Southern and Northern Sections of the New City, as well as things that were earlier skipped.

In the end, some of the items had to be skipped, but I successfully covered 88.8% of the items on my original list. The original list was also weighted for importance, and I tried to make sure I covered the most important items first. This is reflected in the fact that 92.2% of the weight on the original list was covered. Most of the items that were skipped were simply too far away and not important enough to commit time to. For example, one of the items that I skipped was En Kerem, once a separate village, but now in the far western part of Jerusalem. It merited a 2 out of 5 in importance, but it had to be skipped because of the amount of time I would have spent traveling and no other items were close.

Overall, I think my time in Jerusalem was well spent. I have a much better understanding of the city, an understanding that is impossible to obtain without actually visiting Jerusalem. Now with the conclusion of the field work, I must continue the book work. I am excited to finish John Wilkinson’s Egeria’s Travels and continue with another of Wilkinson’s books, Jerusalem Pilgrims, which contains many pilgrims’ accounts dated before the Crusades, and similar to Egeria’s Travels contains a lot of notes.