Update #2: Evaluating New Sources

Hello Everyone,

From June 27th to June 31st I visited Harlem, New York to conduct research at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in order to obtain more source material and background knowledge on the history of Hip-Hop, African-American social protest, and police brutality in America. I was fortunate enough to gather numerous resources during my visit and I have an estimated 15 new sources to read through before beginning the content analysis portion of my research. i was also fortunate enough to visit the Stephen A. Schwarzman building, which is the New York Public Library’s flagship research library. The Schwarzman building is an absolutely gorgeous building, which contains ample resources in topics related to general research. There, I was able to gather resources on content analysis methodology. After completing my library visits, I now have an abundance of new information read through, and I am looking forward to the process. I’ve attached photographs as well, so you can see what some of libraries and their exhibits.

Since returning from the library, I’ve been focusing on expanding my sample of music selections for analysis. I’ve added four new song selections to the list, which totals nine song selections. I understand that research may be compromised by such a small sampling pool, however, the number of selections available for analysis is constrained by my methodology. In my research, I will be focusing only on songs released after the year 2012, when the #BlackLivesMatter movement was first created. However, I am confident that I will be able to add more selections to the sample.


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  1. kmnelsen says:

    Hey Alexa! What an interesting and highly relevant research topic. In regard to your methodology for acquiring songs, are you mainly looking for hip hop artist or is it pretty much open to any genre? It might be interesting one day to do a comparison analysis of songs from the Civil Rights Movement and songs from the #BlackLivesMatter Movement.

  2. admason01 says:

    Hi! The artists I used for my sample are mainly Hip-Hop artists, but there are several Rhythm and Blues/Hip-Hop and Pop/Hip Hop crossovers. Most importantly, I wanted to focus on genres that were historically originated by African Americans. And funny enough, this research started as a content comparison of Civil Rights and #BLM music, but I ended up scaling down my research to focus on #BlackLivesMatter.