Update #3: Development of a Novel Grignard Lab

Hi all,

We’re nearing the end of my time in the lab this summer and things are going pretty well. My professor is excited about the work that I’ve done and believes we’re right on the cusp of being finished with this. Right now, I have a total of 10 working reactions
(which was the goal). 2 of these reactions are slower so I would like to replace them, if we can. For the next 2 weeks, I’ll be finishing the lab by testing a few more unknowns then beginning to write a procedure for the students.

With some changes I’ve made, the students should be able to complete the lab in one class period, compared to the 2 class periods that the Grignard lab takes up now. The reactions also put to use new technique that they have never used before such as using an air tight apparatus. Although the research won’t be complete until the very end of next week, its looking good.

Matt Smith


  1. mescreen says:

    Hi Matt! Your work into developing a new Grignard lab has made me have a new appreciation for the labs we take here. I had no idea until this summer that students and professors help to improve the labs so that the students can get the most out of the lab while still having a quick procedure. It is awesome that you have shortened the lab and have created the opportunity for future students to become familiar with new pieces of glassware. How has designing the lab for students influenced your procedure? Is there any worry that the air tight apparatus will be broken frequently by new chemistry students? Good luck with your remaining two reactions!