Update: Step 3 of the Multistep Synthesis; Isomerization

Hello all,

Isomerization (or rearrangements) is the process by which a molecule is transformed into an isomer of itself. That is, a molecule that undergoes isomerization will have all the same atoms as before but the way they are arranged will differ. Isomerizations can happen spontaneously when one isomer is more stable than the other. The energetically less-favorable isomer can still be generated by a catalyst. This sort of catalyzed isomerization reaction happens very regularly in the human body.

In my lab, I will use an inorganic base catalyst; KOH. The starting material is the Diels-Alder product from step 2 of the multistep synthesis. In the course of this isomerization reaction, an isolated diene will be transformed into a conjugated diene. The conjugated diene is much more stable and therefore favored.


  1. Anna Chahuneau says:

    Keep up the good work! It all sounds very interesting. Hope you are having a good summer.