Almost done!

The other day I realized the end of my research this summer was coming to an end rather quickly. It really is just crazy to think about how much work I have done, how much I am still working on for the next week and a half, and also how much I get to continue doing once school gets back in session.

I am finally working with the final fish, which is far more oddly shaped than the rest so my results with this one should be a bit interesting. But the operculum is cut and it is ready for experiments this next week to finish up the research I am able to do this summer.

Also, the other day my professor (Dr. Sanderson) and her husband, Dr. Heideman, invited all their research students over for a croquet party where we ate some good food and unfortunately didn’t get the chance to play croquet due to myself and my fellow lab mates being so fascinated with the live fish we had caught while seining. Live fish for once!