Monarchs and Video

Hello everyone,

Pre-production is now well underway, and things are going very smoothly. Last week, I acquired a brand new camera for the shoot, a 5D Canon Mark III, and the images are absolutely splendid. Next week I will be skyping with an artist, Etienne Chambaud, in order to discuss the types of lenses that will be most useful in the forest and will then look into purchasing them. In addition, I have been working hard on getting a coherent budget on the table and I just finished it today. It is incredible how fast the numbers can add up! I will attach it to this update for anyone who is interested in film production.

In regard to music, Jake Handy, a young composer, contacted me a couple of days ago to work on the soundtrack of the film. He is very talented and his style is highly varied. So far, we have discussed a possible similarity with Max Richer’s style for my film’s music. Here is the link to his website:

Looking ahead is the writing and organization of a filming schedule for Mexico. I will be working on that with Pablo Jaramillo, over Skype.

Stay tuned.

Chasing the Moarchs – Budget


  1. Hey there, I recently started video shooting and I am using a gopro. I wonder what would be the difference between a sports camera and a picture camera. I assume butterflies move really fast, and a heavy camera would be harder for you guys to get around with? I have been trying to use gopro on my head/chest/wrist… and sometimes the videos can be stunning because the lens can get closer to the object you are shooting, but I don’t know if the quality of the footage will meet your requirement.

    Hope it’ll help… But keep working on it, it would be awesome to see the final project!