Blog 1: How flexible can you be for research?

If I could describe the word “research” in one word anything but static comes to mind. The thing about research is that it’s variable. You go in with one plan and end up working on a completely other plan. And that’s exactly what happened with my research. I came in with a plan to look into the Pre-Colonial Kingdom hypothesis and planned to systematically study the 50 most centralized groups at the time of colonialism in order to better understand the strategic interactions between them and the European imperial powers to unravel exactly how pre-colonial kingdoms shaped colonial policy as a part of a bigger project on spatial inequality. However, my team needed me for something else and as a team member on this project I had to be flexible to the needs of the project. Up until the summer I had tabulated the Non-Native population of each Sub-Saharan. Why? Because there’s a theory in colonial literature that says the greater the settler population (European/Non-native population) the more development funds (for public works, infrastructure) are spent by the metropolis to take care of them. So a high settler population in an area is beveled to coincide with the area that has the most development.

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Final Summary: Development of a Novel Grignard Experiment

Hi all,

I am officially done with my research for the summer. I made a lot of progress, to the point where a few labs could be made from the work that I have done. Even though I have a total of 11 working experiments, they don’t line up like Dr. Lashley and I would like for the W&M undergraduate labs. For this reason I’ll continue my work into next semester.

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The Big Things

Interns often have to count on the little things in order to feel validated. A document that comes back with very few edits. A smile and a wave (and sometimes even their name) from another employee as they enter the office in the morning. An Instagrammed photo of the coffee they spilled because it looked “artsy”, rather than contempt. But when an intern receives enthusiastic praise for a project they did, they will be so overwhelmed with self-fulfillment that you may have to forget their name again to take it down a notch.

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Interview Recap

It’s been a while since I last wrote, so I thought I would use this blog to give a little debrief on the interview process. As I wrote earlier, my project revolved around first doing a literature review of scholarship on the office of the local prosecutor and what enabled and limited prosecutorial discretion. This phase of the project was based on several weeks of reading what Swem, online databases, and the Law Library had to offer.

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A reflection on the summer (and the heat)

This squirrel pretty much sums up how we all feel this summer – melted.


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