That’s a wrap!

Hi everyone!

Wow, what a summer it’s been! I’ve had some amazing times in Young lab this year, both in terms of research as well as with the people that stayed this summer.

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Summer Update #3

Hey guys!

Today was a great day in lab even though we said bye to yet another lab member. I felt that it was very productive and a time well-spent (as is everyday, of course…). Today consisted of reaching a good stopping point for my projects, as well as cleaning and re-stocking most things for the lab. We stacked tips, cleaned the counters, made more antibiotics, and washed glassware so that everything is ready to go for the beginning of fall semester.

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Oral Histories with Doug and Mica

It’s the start of August I have two oral histories completed with at least three more planned for the next week August. This will meet my goal of completing at least five by the end of the summer and I still have at several more people interested who I just need to solidify a scheduled time and place to conduct the oral history.

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Blog Post 3

The summer session is coming to a close, and while that does not mean an end to my work, it does mean that I have to leave William & Mary until the start of the fall semester. Some of the data I am working with for the lab can only be accessed with software on computers here on campus, so I am making a strong push to finish with that project in the next two days.

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Goodbye, Kampala!

Today marks my last day at Hive Colab – the collaborative tech space I work from here in Uganda. Though my colleague and I are elated to finish our scope of work and are proud to reflect on all we have accomplished while in country, it is bittersweet to say goodbye to the good friends and coworkers we have met.

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