Petit à petit: Progress toward the Mission’s Data Vision

The greatest feeling a GIS enthusiast can have is when colleagues express interest in geospatial data and realise the impact it can have on their work and their organisation. Encouraging staff to make use of this data can be difficult in a large government organisation. But, when folks from the various technical teams at the Mission learned about the geocoded activities dataset being created, they had big ideas for how it could improve their quarterly reporting, site selection, performance evaluation, coordination with other donors, and much more.

The best things I could do in my limited time was foster this enthusiasm across offices and make it as easy as possible for people to learn to use ArcGIS Online. One consideration that we had regarding sustainability was that a full-time data/GIS specialist would be necessary to achieve the Mission’s long-term development data vision. It was rewarding to see that our brainstorming and trainings with the technical teams will be presented to the front office to push for this position, and to incite greater consideration to the Mission’s data needs. I hope that my trainings and the datasets I have produced this summer will provide the Mission with the tools needed to: encourage data-driven decision making, allow more rigorous reporting and evaluation, and promote the use of geospatial data and open data.