The End of an Era

It’s hard to believe that it’s finally over.

The canoes have been put back on the rack, the crab traps have been cleaned and stacked in the shed, and my dirty, filthy tennis shoes have been thrown in the trash. Thus ends a glorious summer spent on the York River.

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Woody Internship at the Getty: Blog 8

Further Forays into the Museum World

I wrote an earlier blog post entitled “Forays into Museum Exhibitions,” in which I talked about the Exhibit opening I worked and the curator tours I went on. Over the past few weeks I’ve also had the chance to visit various Museum departments and talk with curators and conservators, as well as work another Exhibit opening. The opening was for our new show, London Calling, which is showcasing six British Modernist artists. For this opening we had a DJ performing (of course he played The Clash’s London Calling) and a British cuisine inspired menu with the best item being fish and chips. While staff and press previews ran normally, a new element was added during the press preview. “Social Media Influencers” (read: popular Instagrammers) were invited to attend so that they could post photos and videos to various social media outlets to hopefully increase attendance to the exhibition, particularly from a younger audience. The event ran smoothly and the DJ added a really lively ambience to the experience, so it was definitely an exciting event to work.

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Conclusion of the Summer and Looking towards the School Year

Sorry this is so late! Some personal things came up in the last week of research. But better late than never! 🙂

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Last Post

I came into this internship not knowing much about art, and for my last blog post, I was hoping to demonstrate that I’ve learned something. If cheesy puns make you cringe, feel free to close this page now.

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