Last Post

I came into this internship not knowing much about art, and for my last blog post, I was hoping to demonstrate that I’ve learned something. If cheesy puns make you cringe, feel free to close this page now.

It’s another Degas(ne). I only have a few days left at my internship, and after that I will be getting ready to van Gogh home. I had a great summer. I was constantly busy, as projects kept getting Tack(ed) on, and was thankful for it. I Dove headfirst into every project I was given, and can only hope that the results turned out as well as my intentions.

Our supervisors always made sure our internships were fun. We went on a few field trips to other museums, like the Textile Museum. (The staff was incredibly helpful, especially when I was looking for a particular quilt, to which one staff member replied, “That Matisse that way!”) I had so much fun at work that I Rodin the metro every day to get to The Phillips Collection, even though it makes me nauseous. I would also Stamos(t) Thursday nights for different events by choice.

I would love to stay to see how the projects I’ve worked on manifest, and I’ll regret not seeing the return of our works that were on Sloan, like Picasso’s The Blue Room. I also had the pleasure to work with some really dedicated people, including postdoc Nicole Riesenberger (“She’s the best!” Cézanne(yone) who has worked with her).

Manet thanks to the following: Kelley Daley, Nicole Riesenberger, Kathryn Rogge, the Charles Center, and the Woodys for this incredible opportunity. I’ve enjoyed the combination of getting work done that will have an impact and letting my creative license fly. As interns learn and grow, we are molded like Klee into the type of employees museums need. Being an intern is not back-Braque(ing) work, but the challenge is in doing something that will be useful for your own education and for the future of the institution.

Thanks again! You Phillip my life.