Blog Post 3: 8/14/2016 – Crabs Galore – Hunting Island State Park

Hey everyone,

Things are still plenty hot here in Beaufort, SC. Currently we’re in the dead center of research and we have yet to catch a terp (terrapin lingo), which is good actually. From the conversations I’ve had with local fisherman, the terps don’t seem to be extremely common for recreational fishers, as they aren’t left out (usually) for extended periods of time. Nevertheless, we took the advice of a local and went over to Sands Beach/Landing for the day at Port Royal, but didn’t catch any terrapins. Instead, we caught essentially only female crabs, which has been the exact opposite over in our primary location at the salt marsh dock.

At the salt marsh dock on Hunting Island, we have only caught male crabs, and my best guess is that this has to do with the depth of the water.

Recently, we have been able to catch more than 30 crabs with our soak hours. The other day, two enormous crabs (over six inches) were able to squeeze through the South Carolina BRD. I have no earthly idea how this is possible. What we may ultimately find, then, if there continues to be these crabs that can get in, that the SC BRD may actually work best for excluding the most turtles and allowing large crab trap, but we shall see.

We’re trying, with very deliberate placement, to see if we can catch some terrapins, but if we don’t, that may mean that the BRDs are carrying out the function for which they were designed.

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