Wrapping Up the Monarchs

Hello everyone!

Time has flown by, I am already back at school and things are on the right track. I have two interviews coming up in the next three weeks and I have managed to gather a small team of two, to accompany me in my endeavors. For those of you who might know them: Ben Fox, working on sound design and Talia Schmitt, working on interviews. The help will be much needed as the time leading up to these two interviews will be intense. I need to prepare the interviews, make sure all my equipment is operational and keep working with my contact in Mexico to plan for the winter.

On that note, my travels to Mexico are clarifying and Ryan and I will be spending twelve full days around the biosphere. I have even started making reservations for hotels. Only slight problem ahead: the quote we are getting for renting the equipment for the trip exceeds our initial budget of $5,000 by $10,000. Big numbers! I never thought I would be working with such high numbers and expectations at such a young age, but here I am, happy and directing my first documentary. Hopefully we can keep looking for a better option, preferably a company based in Los Angeles, where Ryan resides. If anyone thinks of an interesting grant or scholarship in relation to video and the environment, please share!

Anna Chahuneau – Director of Pursuing the Monarchs


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