It is crazy how fast these past 10 weeks have gone by.  As we wrap up, I am looking back and I am amazed at how much I have accomplished this summer. I am grateful for the opportunity to work full time. I have been able to focus on my research and push forward with my project. I learned a lot about my lab and what a potential career in research could look like. We will be able to publish on our results this upcoming academic year, which is pretty exciting. We have discovered a photocatalytic system that is comprised of earth abundant metals that is highly active for hydrogen generation from aqueous solutions. We have built this work off previous work in our group. This new work presents a great step forward in our research.

These last couple of weeks have had a couple of surprises keeping us on our toes. There was an unexpected acetone shortage which made us be creative and discern which pieces of glassware are the most essential. We got more acetone in about a week, which led to a lot of cleaning of the glassware that was deemed unessential.  I have also been helping with some experiments in response to reviewer comments that have made my last week more crazy than expected. The revised paper was then accepted. This is the first publication where I am an author.

Overall, I am grateful that I was given the opportunity this summer by the Charles Center to delve deeper into my project. I am excited to continue working on my project this fall.


  1. zachoppler says:

    It sounds like you had a really productive and successful summer of research so congratulations. I also experienced a lot of surprises throughout my time here this summer and have come to expect that it is just a normal aspect of the research process. It sounds like you all handled it well, and working around the unexpected has proven to be one of the more useful skills that I have acquired in my time at the lab. Good luck on publishing during the upcoming academic year.