First Week Synopsis at Lahav


Above is where we started after clean up on Tuesday. The entire area was covered with that tall grass. This picture taken with a drone shows the beginnings of excavation. To the right is one of the Iron Age II houses found in previous seasons and to the left is another house, courtyard and street. In the upper right corner is my Area (A7) where the courtyard and street are presumably. There is also a pit from the Persian destruction era, but it is literally in the bottom corner, so I expect it will take a while to get down there. We found some pretty large pieces of pottery in A8 (the house) as well as some charcoal remnants. It is pretty amazing that this material survives for that long.


This picture was taken this morning and shows a considerable amount of progress. Even after this was taken, we hauled more dirt from A7 in an area out of frame (where the girl is standing in the first picture) and went through about a meter of topsoil and debris. As cool as it is to come across pottery, bone, shells, and other stuff, this is mostly just scraps that they threw into the space to fill it up and doesn’t have context. Overall, the first week was an extremely rewarding experience. Unfortunately I am not working in the area that has already been excavated so it has taken a while to get to anything substantial in terms of context. Sunday I am staring at a whole day of removing rocks from a fill pile. Everyone has been very engaging and cooperative though and you can really see the whole team working together.