Philosophy Research on Space and Time – Final Conclusion

During this time I surveyed the current research on space and time, especially in the analytic tradition. I got to read many of the good books by contemporary philosophers like Theodore Sider and E. J. Lowe. As I stated in my proposal, this research not only shows me this single topic—space and time, but also helps me better understand metaphysics in general. I’d like not to repeat what I posted in the last three blogs, but to state my new discovery. At first I supposed I would get to know more traditional topics like causation and substance—which, nonetheless, I did indeed—but the most exciting discovery for me is the topic of modality, i.e. the exploration of possibility. Through the disagreement between time A-series and B-series and between Berkeley and Locke on substratum, I see another way out besides supporting one of the view—i.e. to admit that both positions are metaphysically possible, and that because our observation is extremely limited, we should use our intellect to explore possibility, not actuality, a thing that we could not obtain. Thanks to this research I found my second favorite topic in philosophy (the first being existentialism).