Summer is over but my work isn’t

I can’t believe my summer filled with LGBT alums and microfilm readers has come to an end. I have six oral history interviews completed for Swem Special Collections but many more people are still interested in being interviewed and contributing to this collection. As part of my work as a researcher for the W&M Mattachine Project during the semester, I will continue to conduct these interviews for anyone that is willing. I began my TA position with Prof. Leisa Meyers’s “Intro to LGBTIQ History” course and will also teach this new batch of historians about oral histories and my findings. Be on the lookout for the Boswell Lecture over Homecoming Weekend! I will be presenting my summer research and work with the W&M Mattachine Project as part of the lecture series to open for main speaker E. Patrick Johnson. Also check out all of my interviews when they become available through Swem Special Collections later this semester!