Final Update

Hi everyone,

I had a lot of fun this summer doing research here and am glad to say that I will be continuing to work on the same project for the upcoming semester. I still have a lot of data to collect and many more qPCR reactions to run, but I’m glad to see how much progress I’ve made over the summer. It has put me in a good position to finish collecting the data and finish up my analysis hopefully by the end of the fall semester so that I can move on to a new project in the spring.

Another aspect of my research that I can start to look at is the specific DNA mutations that were crucial to the selection for the invasive-growth of the yeast. There is a ton of genomic data that I will need to analyze in order to determine which alleles appear at a high enough frequency that we can say that they actually play a role in the development of this specific trait. I’ve never worked with such large volumes of data but look forward to learning how to do so and I also look forward to spending more time in the lab in the upcoming academic year. Also, I’d like to thank the Charles Center for the research grant that allowed me to work down here this summer.