AidData Summer Fellowship with WOUGNET

Hi! My name is Allison Bowers and I’m a rising senior at the College of William and Mary. I am majoring in Government and Kinesiology and Health Sciences, and focusing specifically on international development and public health. I will be working with the Women of Uganda Empowerment Network (WOUGNET) this summer to support them with some geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping work. This fellowship will assist WOUGNET in better displaying and collecting data, as well as empowering their employees and volunteers to learn GIS.

The Role of Hypertension in Alzheimer’s Disease Progression

Hello! My name is Sonali Shirali and I am a rising sophomore and a neuroscience major at the College of William and Mary. This summer I am conducting research on the role of hypertension and how it correlates with the rise and progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. Specifically, I will be looking into the pathway of the hormone Angiotensin II and how it might affect increasing blood pressure levels and influence Alzheimer’s Disease.