I have traveled far: life at 9,000 feet

Well, I think I am finally acclimated to the time change here, which is pathetic because it is only 2 hours different from Williamsburg. Basically, I go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier than at home. It feels like an accomplishment. Yesterday, as a break from my research, I went on a hike and ended up accidentally walking 19.5 miles and summiting at 11,000 feet above sea level! It was a little hard to breathe.

I have learned so much in the past two weeks. Soon, I’ll be heading back to Williamsburg to do a lot more reading and a lot more writing. Thus far, I have collected a lot of data: a few hours of interviews with Peter, many many pages of notes, writings of letters from O’Keeffe to her siblings and friends, some archival information about her paintings and their sales, and the experience and observations I had while on two tours of her homes in Abiquiu. It’s a lot to sort through, but I think I am beginning to understand Georgia O’Keeffe and her life more than I could have imagined. She is an incredibly interesting figure and artist to many people around the world, and her allure is starting to reveal its parts to me. In a letter to her younger sister, she once wrote

“The doctors would have scared me years ago but i didn’t feel like being scared.”

What a lady!