Developing a Plan

This week I have begun to transition to the development phase of my family program for Bassett Hall.  In doing so, I have been researching by attending various educational programs throughout the Colonial Williamsburg sites.

One of my favorite programs so far is the Building Detectives tour at the Robert Carter House.  This behind-the-scenes tour goes through an unrestored 18th-century colonial house from an architectural history perspective.  The home is empty of any furniture, and rather than focusing on interpretation, the tour highlights the nuances of the house’s architecture and the ways in which architectural historians find out information about the building.

I also participated in a toy-making program designed for families at the Art Museums.  This was especially helpful since my target audience is also families.  I was able to meet with the museum education director who gave me very constructive advice for the ideas I had developed.

I am now in the process of solidifying the plan for my program.  I am researching specific objects and pieces of art within Bassett Hall and will soon begin implementation.  Stay tuned for updates!