Lab and Storage Exploration

The logistics for my family program are being finalized, and it is scheduled to begin next week!  I am very excited to see how it turns out, but in the meantime I have been able to focus on other aspects of the internship.

My last few tours with the other CCM interns have been particularly interesting, and it has been great to get to meet so many of the conservators and curators within the division.  I enjoyed visiting the small objects lab, as we were able to see first-hand the intense process of preparing objects before they enter an exhibit.  In the prints, maps, and paintings lab, we were able to witness how much chemistry is involved in the conservation process and how specific these processes are to the different types of materials.  Each of the curators we met with in the past few weeks was very encouraging about museum studies and gave us helpful advice for anyone considering a career in the field.  I am so grateful for the resources this internship allows me access to, and I think the comprehensive nature of these intern tours is very beneficial to my overall museum studies experience.

I also have been taking advantage of my Colonial Williamsburg pass and visiting as many sites as I can.  The pass is free to William and Mary students as well as their parents, and so rewarding! Everyone should take advantage of this great opportunity!