Family Programs, Part 2

The Garden Concerts for Kids happened during my last two weekends at the Getty. The first weekend act was Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. He and his band brought a mix of rap, reggae and hip hop to the stage. A Grammy award winning hip hop artist, his positive songs all had the theme of celebrating independence and being ‘your own best friend’. His daughter used to be a big part of his act when she was much younger and for this concert she choreographed lots of dances with her friend to accompany the songs. The kids absolutely loved it and at the end they were lining up to get a photo with her. During the performance there was a pretty big group of them that bopped up and down at the stage and danced along with the girls moves the whole time.

In terms of the set up, the concert stage is set up at the base of the garden slope adjacent to the central garden. The AV and CD sales table are set up underneath the two pink trees (seen in the aerial shot below). This was great because we had shade but there were SO MANY ANTS.

Families were able to bring whatever blankets and food they wanted and could sit anywhere, but strollers were arranged in stroller parking along from the AV booth. The black structure in the bottom right corner of the aerial shot is the wheelchair area. The VSAs (visitor services associates) also monitored to keep a 4 ft path along the zig zag of the slope boundary.  The main difference between these concerts and the 405’s was that our storage, such as table, chairs and ice box was a make shift greenroom behind the stage, under the balcony of the GRI. The artist’s green room was the usual, studios A & B, and it just meant they had to climb the slope between sound check and the performance. We were only at the bottom of the garden but with the heat and the steep slope up it felt like a huge trek back to the museum every time I had to get something!

IMG_2295 IMG_2298 IMG_2297 IMG_2299

The second weekend was host to Dan Zanes with Claudia Eliaza, Pauline Jean, and Special Guests. This was my last weekend at the Getty and was such a nice way to end the internship. I love the landscaping of the central garden and it was so great be outside in the sunshine. Dan Zanes is also a Grammy winner and him and his band came all the way from Brooklyn, NY for the concert. The vibe of this concert was different to the week before, it was a lot more relaxed and mellow and the kids all seemed to be having a great time doing their own thing. They were doing cartwheels and running around the grass as opposed to jumping up and down right at the stage. Some of the kids were very funny and the band was so lovely and friendly that the whole day went by very quickly and with ease.

A highlight of the weekend happened a couple of times; I looked up at the window of the research institute and saw a confused and disgruntled academic looking put out by the cacophony of music and screaming children below.