Final Summary

This past summer has been an incredible experience. Not only did I create a database and learn about the vital role Asian American WWII veterans played in our military, I learned about the deportation of veterans. I was given the opportunity to explore a new area in research and asses our nation’s perception and treatment of immigrants. I learned about the impact expanding the definition of “aggravated felonies” has had on immigrants and the complexities and confusion around military naturalization. My interests are in the social sciences but am glad that I got to approach my research from a legal perspective.

Before I head back to campus, I will continue working on my personal research and begin preparing for the symposium. I have collected all the articles and court cases I need and now just have to focus on organizing the presentation of my research. I will also be spending time looking for more case studies and articles relating to Professor Sohoni’s research. Although the summer is nearly over, I will continue assisting Professor Sohoni on his projects throughout the next school year. I will be helping him with the book he is currently working on and other ongoing projects.


  1. Geoff Ringlee says:

    Hey, I just found your research and wish I could have told you this sooner. There is a great collection of Asian American papers and artwork at UC Berkley, called the Asian American Studies Collection, some of which has been digitized. The date range is from 1783 to 1995, so some might be relevant to you. I’m also working with an immigrant community, although specifically in their formation of a new cultural identity in the United States, and I found it useful to have access to an individuals papers to get an idea of what an individual might have been thinking.

  2. Immigration and deportation are politically charged issues these days, but I never knew that veterans could be deported. It seems like your research gave you a nice legal perspective to complement your future research in the social sciences. Additionally, doing research on something so relevant to the current times must have been very fulfilling.

  3. Thank you so much!