13 Biographies Of Potential Participants in Study

Research Assignment for Summer 2017

I started off my research on the effects of affinity groups on African American women at PWIs. Originally I thought I would be conducting interviews, but by the time my research started all of the interviews for my study had already been conducted. My assignment was to complete 13 biographies for potential participants in another study that Dr. Natoya Haskins was also conducting this summer along with transcribing the interviews for my study.


I kicked off my summer research with the biographies first because Dr. Haskins expressed how she needed those completed as soon as possible. It was pretty simple doing research on each person because there was so much information available for each counseling professor. All of the women had numerous publications under their belt and years of experience in both counseling and teaching. There is not too much I can write about this portion of my research because it was pretty simple and wasn’t really thought provoking. This portion was basically the prep for the actual research.


  1. Cool Project! Your abstract seemed to focus more on graduate women rather than undergraduates. In your opinion, what constitutes an affinity group on William and Mary’s campus in particular? Do affinity groups have to be organizations or clubs or can they be just a group of friends? I’m really interested in your results and can’t wait for your Final Summary. I’m also curious to know what type of questions you asked. Since you’re collecting primarily qualitative data, I’m assuming that most of the questions are open-ended. Good luck!