Archive Updates, ARMM, One-Sided & Non-State Actor Conflict

My first two weeks working at USAID/Philippines have gone very well. So far I have met many of the employees working for the mission, attended security briefings, begun working on the government tech system, and spoke with the mission director and GIS analysts about projects to be completed this summer. In the beginning of my stay I focused on updating the U.S. Embassy archives and Philippine project maps created last year for all active USAID projects in the Philippines. My days were spent looking for the missing datasets from the old USAID archives to piece together which projects needed to be removed or added to their records. Additionally, I have helped employees make individual maps for their own projects and distributed resources for future GIS related activities.

This week I focused on a terrorist recruitment related project given to me by my supervisor who anticipates an award the mission may receive for projects in Northern Mindanao. I found and geocoded an ARMM Madrasah dataset, dowloaded one-sided and non-state actor conflict for a violence point count variable for each province, and  interlayed these datasets geospatially in ArcGIS for review by the Office of Program Resources Management. At the moment I am mapping the active aid projects along with these datasets for a comparison by the same group. Ideally we will be able to find province specific demographic datasets soon. Specifically, if we would like to include a data breakdown of males ages 18-25 per region, their education levels, and income rates into the final analysis for these upcoming projects in Mindanao.