ISIS Affiliated Group Influence- Mindanao

In the past week the focus of the terrorism project I have been working on has altered to meet the needs of the Economic Development & Governance (OEDG) branch of USAID. Specifically, I have been mapping the influence areas of ISIS-affiliated groups in Mindanao from a TAF CVE study in 2017. These groups include Abu Sayaf Group (ASG), Ansar al-Khalifa Phils (AKP), Khalifa Islamiya Movement (KIM), Dawlah Fi Islamiyah Cotabato (DFIC), and Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF). The Democracy & Governance Specialist that requested this map has asked me to add the spread of influence of ISIS-affiliated groups and their overlap with the same conflict dataset from last week.  Eventually, she will look for other data to overlay with this map like health, education and economic indicators.

In addition to this project, I have been working on creating an entirely new template for the mission to use when mapping their future development projects in the Philippines. Previously all of their projects were recorded in Excel files and added to their maps through the cartographic software that geocodes this data. This new template includes all of the Philippine boundaries, projects, and labels as before, but it is less cluttered and not tied to the geocoded processing from before. The format is similar to a JICA Philippines Operations Map and project locations can be moved by changing a single location instead of editing the entire dataset.