Smaller Data Projects & Analysis

Since I last posted my work flow has switched to smaller projects requested by employees at the mission. I worked on USAID disaster response project maps by provinces, donors, and municipalities/cities. Additionally, I have attended several meetings about counter terrorism strategies by the Asia Foundation in Mindanao as well as sector meetings for the different departments in the office. Next, I researched published programs on economic inclusivity in growing economies for future use in development aid projects. Lastly, I provided feedback analysis to my supervisor on data collected for USAID partner meetings.

Most of my scope of work provided by my organization has been completed with the exception of employee trainings on ArcGIS which will begin in July. Beyond that I am helping out with any research projects and data analysis people need around the office. The entire mission is conducting portfolio reviews midway through next week so most everyone has been occupied or unavailable to discuss/ request geospatial analysis for their upcoming projects or maps I have already made for them. In the next few days I will hopefully know if I will be able to go to a site location for a closing environmental project in the provinces. I have also started talking with the health & education departments about maps they want to include in their social media campaigns for USAID project results across the country. Finally, tomorrow I will be meeting with the ambassador with other interns, summer hires and summer fellows through a courtesy call.